Hello Askimet, Goodbye SK2! Thanks for all the Fish

I’ve just swapped the spam “defense” here from SpamKarma2 to Askimet. The word is that Dr Dave is going to top updating it. Sk2 has sure needed regular attention lately, a lot of moderation, and then I found out that friends of mine were being tossed its captcha, and I hate bad captchas.

Bad news.

And then I recall at Northern Voice 2008 when keynoter Matt Mullenweg said he created Askiment for his Mom top be able to blog w/o worry of spam… well he had me.

So now I am running Askimet. No spam fence is w/o problems, so I am holding off any celebration.

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  1. I am on WordPress until I get enough readers to justify getting my own domain and hosting on a different server. Nonetheless, I use askimet and I still check periodically and found it has only caught a fraction of legitimate comments and labeled them as spam compared to the amount of acttual spam it has caught.

  2. I recently switched to askimet. I found that it wasn’t working very well at first but it has gotten better as I’ve used it so that now I don’t get any. Good luck.

  3. sure… SK2 throws me into captcha limbo for ages, and you tell me to change my name. Jen gets the captcha once and you switch to akismet… I know when an amigo has been replaced…

  4. Well, she is prettier…

    I could never figure out the logic where SK2 tossed the captcha and you getting a marginal score made no sense since you have been my most prolific commenter for 3 years running.

    So how can I make it up? Shall I ship a crate of salsa to Calgary?

  5. I had to change to Askimet about a year ago … my SK2 was getting hammered on the database side and kept shutting my blog down. My host was complaining about the number of database calls it was making. At any rate, Askimet has been a far better solution for me.

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