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posted 9 Jun ’07, 1.12pm MDT PST on flickr

Andy Rush, I feel your pain!

You anguish (not really) Seriously! Stop taking Edupunk so seriously and it sounds like you are feeling meme-deprived:

Do you know what Jim posted about right before his seminal Edupunk meme (Jim says it’s not a meme, by the way) was born. He blogged about ME. What about me? How do I fit into Edupunk? Why didn’t I take off as a meme??? Seriously.

And as one who has also worn tin foil in public, I offer your own meme, EDURUSH:

I don’t believe in technology, I believe in Andy. And that’s why I don’t think our struggle is over the future of technology, it is over the struggle for the future of our culture that is assailed from all corners by the vultures of bad video codecs. Lossy web video formats are selling us back our ideas, innovations, and media for no price. I want them all back in h.264, and I want them now! EDURUSH is all about divX, mad biking, and WordPress gushing.

All we need is a theme for Andy’s meme…

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  1. Alan, you are too friggin’ much! You gave me a big laugh this morning. I’m just so glad you didn’t mention the fruity beer I like to drink ;-) Thanks!

  2. Haha what a good way to start my morning. Andy should be his own meme, I pick on him enough that he deserves a little bit blogosphere love. I think a viral video would be a good way to honor him and his love for YouTube

  3. I was afraid when I saw the title you were going to put out a competitive meme for Edupunk that featured Geddy Lee. Whew.

    Hail Andy!

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