Look Out! CDB is Australia Bound

On July 5, while most of America is recovering form whatever it is they do to themselves the day before, I’ll be strapped into a plane 15 hours to fly to Australia. Yes, despite whatever happened, whomever I coughed on, on my visit there last October they are letting me come back.

modified from creative commons licensed flickr photo by pierre pouliquin

This trip is with my NMC colleagues Larry Johnson and Rachel Smith as we go first to Melbourne to launch a new flavor of the NMC’s Horizon Project, working with a new advisory board of Australian and New Zealand educators on Horizon.au,. Out of this effort, we are producing later this year a Horizon Report specifically focused on emerging technology relevant to education in this region.

We are also going to Brisbane and Sydney, visiting in all, the 5 NMC member organizations in Australia: RMIT, University of Melbourne, University of Queensland, University of Woolongong, and University of New South Wales. There might be an intermission in all this to check out the big reef. And I’m looking forward to a beach walk and dinner meet up with a group of colleagues in Sydney, thanks to the choreographing of Angela Thomas for dinner and Sean Fitzgerald for the walk (i understand he has a blog 😉 They keep saying how “freezing cold” it is there, yet the temps don’t look that scary. Heck, I had almost snow in Arizona in summer yesterday.

So expect the 366 photo stream to shift from Arizona flowers and dogs to assorted who knows what I will see in Australia.

And so far, I am avoiding trying to toss out any cute Australian phrases. I’ve been told my attempts are lame 😉 I am certainly going to link to this video as an example of learning, instead relying on more trusted sources.

Okay, I am really excited about this trip! It took some restraint not to pack a month ago. We’ll be there July 5-20, and the blog and flickr light shall be lit.

And hopefully no one there will call me a drongo.

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  1. I must not be Aussie enough since I have absolutely no idea what a “drop bear” is. Or perhaps it is something only known to Eastern Staters? Have an excellent trip and enjoy your walk.

  2. Jeez, I’m a transplanted Yank and I know a “drop bear” is a koala after the myth they’ll drop out of the trees and attack!

    Alan – hope you had a great flight. Wish you were coming to Adelaide to visit us at education.au

  3. Alan,

    Hope to catch up at Darling Harbour on the 19th July. When will you be at the University of Wollongong? My wife and I live next door.

    If I am back from Singapore by that time could possibly ‘shout’ you a beer or we could go for scoff and have a couple of ‘sangers’.

    Cheers, John.

  4. You’re not giving any talks while you’re in Melbourne? Boo. That would be fun.

    hope you have a great time,
    kind regards, michael

    (PS Kerry it’s no myth, koalas are killers ;-]

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