Road Stats: Week 5

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  • Number of days on the road: 35
  • Miles Driven: 3790
  • Number of States driven in: 6
  • Number of Islands Slept On: 1 (Whidbey Island, WA)
  • Money spent on gas: $793.40
  • Photos posted: 882 (that is an average of 25.2 per day)
  • ds106 Mile marker Photos: 3
  • Number of posted photos of the best smile in the world:: 7 – number in my heart: ∞
  • Number of nights in hotels/B&B: 9
  • Number of nights camping: 7
  • Friend/Relatives Homes Visited/Mooched Upon: 8
  • Number of ferry rides: 1
  • Miles on bicycle: 87.1 (longest 20.3)
  • Miled hiked: 25.4
  • Miles kayaked: 3.8
  • Laundry Stops: 3
  • Boxes of Synders Pretzels Consumed: 1.5 (just bought a new one in Freeland, WA)
  • Cans of Pringles Snorted in Car: 2
  • Number of Breweries Visited: 2 (Revolution Brewing, Paonia CO; Laughing Dog Brewing, Sandpoint ID).
  • Best Green Chili Bowl: Golden, Santiagos in Golden, CO
  • Most Surprising Place to Find Great Mexican Food: Joel’s in Sandpoint ID; a breakfast burrito made near heaven – also Hacienda Cuajimpla in Driggs ID
  • Best Meals: Teton Thai (Driggs ID); Pho Nouveau (Boise, ID), Copperleaf (SeaTac WA)
  • Best Campground: Hermits Hollow, Colorado; Least Impressive: Haag Cove, Washington
  • Extra Camping Gear Purchased on the Road: French Press attachment for Jet Boil stove, extra tent stakes; extra butane stove fuel.
  • Number of new dogs met: 19
  • Number of Cousin Bobby Style postcards sent to Mom: 3 (Wyoming, Idaho, Washington)
  • Number of friends known online met for first time: 4 (I’m counting you Ron)
  • Number of things shared in StoryBox: 185 (where are your contributions?)
  • Number of Storybox Public Appearances: 11

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

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