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This is something we usually ask our students to do near the end of the semester that we did not do for Fall of 2012… and in fact, I think its best done outside the scope of the class. It’s also something that any interested person who looks at, participates, or just gently pokes around ds106.

Tell us what work of others you see as inspiring. Or interesting. Or just Good Stuff.

We have a site for collecting this- sort of the Best of ds106 — it is called in[SPIRE]

A key part of the ds106 community is the connections between all of the pioneers. We have knitted together an intimate community that is not only participating in its structure but also creating it. The in[SPIRE] project wants to build a narrative of these connections in an ever-growing diagram. Be a part of the project and submit works that have inspired you and watch the diagram grow!

The site itself was generated, designed by previous ds106 students Linda McKenna and Rachel McGuirk in the Spring of 2012. It’s pretty simple, find someone else’s creations, and fill out a form to add it to the in[SPIRE] site.

How do I find best ds106 works?
We can help you out!

At the end of last semester, we asked each student to create a category of their own self identified “best work”. See the list of links below. Or you can look at some of the final projects from last semester we have collected in a storify.

We guarantee among all of that there is some pretty inspiring work. You can pay things forward by nominating someone’s work (heck, we don;t even care if you submit your own stuff, as long as it is good!).

Best of Work from UMW ds106 Fall 2012 Students

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