That photo is not only a favorite t-shirt, I’d like to make it my professional tag line. Well, maybe right after Defender of the Commons:

The collection of videos we’ve solicited in asking people to imagine a Creative Commons Certification has grown to 20. Number 20 is my own:

Thanks to Felix for nudging in for a cameo.

I had not intended on doing on, but after seeing project leader Paul Stacey’s video, it does make sense for each of our project team to each do one, so we can be visible with out own ideas.

While convinced of the value of this exercise for our design process, collecting people’s ideas before we tell them what a certification is, again it’s uphill just to get to 20. Most are from my own contacts, so this is hardly representative, but we have not gone with any kind of broader communication push. Yet.

Still, for all the favorites, and retweets, it sure would be nice to see those people contribute (A person I keep trying to guilt in should feel this sting ;-) but more, to actually gently arm twist people I do not know to do one. I so enjoyed listening to Werner Wastermann’s newly submitted video, a history teacher from Chile, emphasize the place for a CC certification for K-12 teachers.

But apparently is too much of an ask, given the demands of chasing augmented reality cartoon characters.

Do you love to share? Please tell us about it.

Top / Featured Image: flickr photo by me shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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  1. Well, I got a Pikachu on my very first try yesterday, Alan.

    But maybe I can make a video for you about certificates. I think they are like my True Friend Badges that I make but instead they have the cc logo and can go in a wallet case that you can flip open with a CC pin inside, and say. “Creative Commons, certificate licensed content respector,” when you meet someone.

    You know I sometimes have a trouble with my mic, plus a video camera is even harder, but I will see what I can make when I get back from the Gym.

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