Chelsey is making me an incredible offer, I just got her email:

Hi, my name is Chelsey and I am a content-manager. If you are interested I would love to write a post for your website that I think your audience would really love.

Really, you talked to all three of my readers? Tell me more about your clairvoyant methods! Since you are so interested i my blog, than I am sure you saw the big obvious notice tight there on the front page that makes it blatantly clear to anyone with a say, a 5the grade reading level, that I DONT WANT ANY STINKING GUES POSTS!

No? Your beady eyes missed them? Let me help you out, and I will highlight the key passage:


I have a list of content titles I can send you and if you like any of them I will write a blog-post of about 500-1000 words including images and video.

Oh I love video. Do you have any ideas of boots crunching roaches?

Can you write a post about content-managers who annoy web site owners with requests to write blog posts when the web site owner has a rather obvious statement on the front of their blog stating that this is something not done there?

The more high quality and relevant links we get the more Google loves us right?

Yes, which is why I write my own shit. Why would your cut and paste stuff do better? Do you do special favors for Google?

Please let me know if you like this post idea or if you would like me to write about something else and I can get started right away.

You can get started right after reading this post, this is what I refer to as The Treatment – look at your fine companions of previously squashed roaches.

Best Regards

Chelsey | Content Manager

No, these are the worst regards. Please get your scummy self off of the internet.

Top / Featured Image: Chelsey’s photo was found in the Creative Commons licensed YouTube video Gaming Roach is now on TWITCH!

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