We have a new community area for people interested in talking about the certification project.

Creative Commons recently announced the opening of their new real time conversation place on Slack. It’s quite active and a bit easier to use then the existing IRC channel (though if you love IRC, the two spaces are now connected).

You can join the Creative Commons Slack where currently more than 450 colleague who have signed up so far, and then you can find us in the #cc-certificates channel.

We had previously planned on using an old fashioned email announcement list for our project, but are putting that aside given this conversation space in Slack and other options available to stay informed (including twitter and signing up for email announcements of new stories on this site).

If you did sign up for the email list, we will send everyone one message letting them know of these new communication options.

I’m already finding a great flow of information and resources on the CC Slack that I might have missed otherwise. If you want to be part, sign up now.

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