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You can’t get places without a map, can you? Even if you do not use one, your journey is mapped. Well, I think so, since I adore maps.

I was not thinking about putting one together, though, until a tweet from Bruno who saw my tweets from Death Valley, on the drive from Arizona to northern California:

After a bit of exchange and future travel planning, my brain said, I better do so!

So now I have a Google Map going for major stops on the trip so far, which was the drive across to California, and the long****** flight to Melbourne, where I sit now blogging.

Hmm, let’s see if this map works....

Wow, it does.

Let’s see, this is the map from my trip around Australia in 2007:

And just for fun, the path on my first trip here in 2000 (before Google existed!)


Maps, totally FTW!/

2017 – CogDogRoo is the primary blog for my 2017 Australia Tour

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  1. Great, I’m happy with the map.

    Also very interested by your 2007 tour of Australia. Considering distances and timing, I infered you used a lot of airplanes. What about driving?

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      I await your reply.

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