A little record spin horn tooting for a US Forest Service document published with two of my photos in it.

I do volunteer work with a local organization that raises funds for and then does the manual work of, expanding a system of hiking/biking trails around Pine and Strawberry, Arizona (I am working on a web site for them, still in draft, will be at http://pstrails.org/).

But I often take photos during our work session, sometimes for publishing stories for now on another local site. This included a series of stories (1, 2, 3) from March 2016 when we worked to install a bridge on the Bearfoot trail across a Pine Creek.

I was contacted more than a year ago from someone in the US Forest Service seeking permission to use two of my photos in the publication National Strategy for a Sustainable Trail System.

They did not seem to care about Creative Commons licensing, so I did fill out some kind of release document.

It’s finally out, and I got my copy in the mail today (the web version PDF does not seem to match the print).

Cover of the US Forest Service National Strategy for a Sustainable Trail System; that’s not my photo on the cover, but it is a photo in Tonto National Forest where I live near.

My photos appear on page 3 on the page for “Shifting to a Model of Shared Stewardship”

Those are my two photos on the bottom of page 3

Close up of my two photos

That top photo is a volunteer named John, who is well known among us for creating the finishing touches on the smoothest trail stretches:

And the other is a group lead who are assembling the bridge beams

This might be among my proudest reuse of photos. Thanks Forest Service!

See more photos of our trail work https://flickr.com/photos/cogdog/tags/pstrails

Update Mar 3, 2018

Very proud indeed!

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  1. Your awesome. Waiting for spring and summer to experience the hiking trails yall have laid out for us (providing the flat landers havent ruined them). Thanks for all you do and my four legged kid says thank you too.

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