There is a pattern to my blogging where I think I am sitting down to write a post, then referring back to an older one, and finding it has a reference or link into it that links to one of my wikispaces sites that are all dead dead dead. Then I end up parsing through my exports and rebuilding it on a new WordPress site I am building to be the new home.

I had for years, lazily? run a Wikispaces site at (sure see where that link lands you now dead ville central) as references for my presentations. I even called it “The CogDog Presentation Criterion Collection”.

I do have it saved at least in HTML content, that’s all you get as a Wikispaces “export”:

A screenshot of the wikispaces export for the site that formerly lived at

These are being reclaimed bit by bit, page by page at a new WordPress site in my own domain where nobody can yank it at

My new “Best in Show” site which houses my presentation archive

I am using a child theme of Hitchcock, yet another designed, free theme by Anders Noren. I call this one Kid Hitchcock, now available in GitHub.

The main thing I did in this child theme was to add a Customizer option to put any text you want into the first line of the footer (where the default theme puts a copyright statement with the blog title)– I like to make it so you can add something like a Creative Commons license statement:

The customizer feature allows you to modify the first line in the footer of the Kid Mitchcock theme

I actually did this earlier for a “Kid Hamilton” theme I made after suggesting Hamilton for Bryan Alexander’s Future of Education Observatory site and using it myself for my return visit to Australia CogDogRoo site last November and also as an Art Portfolio site for Mariana Funes.

There’s a lot to add to the presentation archive– I have not only the archive of presentations that used to live at but also a set of ones also archived that were wikibased presentations at

Besides those I have archives of the More Than Cool Tools presentation with Brian Lamb and D’Arcy Norman for a K12 Online conference
that was at
and a Online Discussion of Web Storytelling Tools that was part of an add on to a 2008 article co-authored with Bryan Alexander – this is the archive that used to be at

So I can rebuild my own reclaimed archives of Wikispaces presentation into a cleaner WordPress site that I should have done long ago. And I am bearing the cost of time doing so, But no one can fix all the dead links that left, they just dropped the Web Bomb on all of those.

I will never do that. My own reclaiming work, done on my own dime and time, goes on at

Maybe that’s a future presentation? Meh,

Featured Image: Modified Pixabay image by FreeCreativeStuff shared into the public domain using Creative Commons CC0 using Wikispaces with overlaid Wikispaces logo cropped from Wikispaces Is Down! flickr photo by cambodia4kidsorg shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license and a screenshot of my own site at former site found in Internet Archive:

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