It’s no secret around about my love and belief in the practice of taking/sharing daily photos. I’m in my 12th year; this is maybe when practice – obsession?

The idea too has resonated in DS106 as the Daily Create, at today’s number 2846, you can do some math and find this has gone on non-stop for more than seven years (think of all the web fads that have peaked and plummeted in that span?).

All of this takes me to want to participate in, and encourage others, to join in a month’s worth along with my podcast buddy Antonio Vantaggiato who is making this a 36 day challenge assignment to his INF115 students at Universidad del Sagrado Corazón in Puerto Rico.

El lunes 28 de octubre de 2019 empieza la nueva edición del reto diario “Una foto cada día”.

El proyecto tendrá una duración de 36 días y vale una nota completa en nuestro curso. Se avalúan ambos componentes de ideación y contribución de temas fotográficos y de fotografías sometidas.

Have fun!

Desde el 28 de octubre de 2019 durante 36 días, cada día a las 6am el bot @AVBot2 publicará un reto fotográfico en Twitter, después de yo barajear los temas entrados por los estudiantes. Utilizará los hashtags  y #fotodíaXYZ, donde XYZ es un número que en esta instancia empieza desde 212  (por ejemplo, el primero será #fotodia212).
Cada día debemos contestar (reply) al bot, usando Twitter, con una foto individual. Refiéranse el subsitio web para detalles.

Como se indica, en el reply deben asegurarse que estén los dos hashtags y #fotodíaXYZ, con XYZ = número del día.

Lo entiendes?

(if you are like me you may help translating from The Google):

On Monday, October 28, 2019 begins the new edition of the daily challenge “A photo every day”. 

The project will last 36 days and is worth a full grade in our course. 
Both components of ideation and contribution of photographic subjects and submitted photographs are evaluated. 

Have fun!

From October 28, 2019 for 36 days , every day at 6am, the bot 
@ AVBot2 will post a photographic challenge on Twitter, after I will review the topics entered by the students.  It will use the hashtags # inf115 and #photodíaXYZ , where XYZ is a number that in this instance starts from 212 (for example, the first one will be #fotodia212 ). Every day  we must answer (reply ) to the bot, using Twitter, with an individual photo . Refer to the web site for details. 

As indicated, the reply must ensure that the two hashtags and #photodíaXYZ are present, with XYZ = number of the day.

Antonio is running the site I set up when I visited there for a month in 2016, this is the same WordPress theme that runs the DS106 Daily Create, the Daily Blank. The longevity of both sites says that this thing works. I end up using it myself in my own projects, be it the UDG Agora Daily Try, the NetNarr Daily Digital Alchemy, the Mural UDG Daily Opener, the Ontario Extend Daily Extend.

Talk about obsession.

The Daily Blank for what it’s worth might be called the second SPLOT, as it was developed during my 2014 fellowship at TRU, where Brian Lamb and I put it to use in the YouShow (it replaced the original ds106 Daily Create theme in September 2015).

I’ve been muddling a few updates to the theme including an ability to upload images for the form where people create new dailies. But seeing what Antonio has done, has me thinking about it’s time I set up the theme to use the language translation capabilities built into WordPress. I need to do some research, but I have to make a code tweak to any text the theme puts on a page, and set them up as strings in the translation file.

This could mean I may ask Antonio and his students help in providing the Spanish translations, so Una Foto Cada Día could potentially be available fully in Spanish (and any other language people may want to contribute translation for).

¿Es esta una idea fantástica?

Regardless, I hope some people play along with Antonio and . Just follow @AVbot2 to get the daily prompts, and reply with your own photo and the special tag for that day. Learn more and see the action at

Ready? Here is today’s…

Find something blue, take a photo, and tweet back to@avbot2 with tags and #fotodia252.

I did.

Featured Image: My tweeted contribution above for today’s Una Foto Cada Día, a sign my sister gave me, it hangs now in Felix’s room. The image will end up soon in flickr bearing a CC0 license.

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