It was just shy of 16 years ago (Homer’s math was wrong) that I dove into WordPress on this here blog. I still make Homer head-slapping type mistakes.

Here’s today’s edition. Maybe you do not know this. but WordPress does it’s best to connect the name for a post if there is not an exact match. What? Well I take my and add on homer. There is no direct page at but see what happens. Or even good old Try it on your site, can WordPress guess something close or are you sent to room 404? Maybe it helps to have a lot of posts to search through?

Kind of neat, eh?

I’m jumping ahead.

But one thing you should know about WordPress is the secret door to log in (if you nuke that WordPress meta widget which usually provides a login link, I always nuke that) is to tack on /wp-admin to your blog URL. Some time ago I thought I discover it was easier to use It always worked, and I have been using it as a footer link in the Network Narratives site so students have an easy way to log in to blog there.

One of my students messaged today about a problem on the site, where the login link was

Hi Alan, when I click on the link to login to NetNarr, it takes me to a blog post labeled “Admin Oye”.

The first thing I do is check if the link works. Oh uh, he is right! Sure enough, rather than going to the login page, it lands on a blog post that had admin in it’s title– which, the same way WordPress acted with my homer doh links tries it’s batch to match based on title. It lands on a post that has “admin” in the title.

My little “trick” only works if there are no posts on a site with “admin” in the title, WordPress goes to the closest match… /wp-admin. So my “trick” is actually no good.

So here is the thing. I make mistakes and goofs in not only WordPress but almost all of my technical tasks on a several times a day frequency. But what happens is I invariably learn more for finding the reasons why and addressing them, then if I got it “right” in the first place.

That’s Homer Simpson-c logic. The more you “doh” the more you end up knowing.

And were it not for the silly idea for this blog post’s image, did I land on a 2004 blog post reminding me that I attended an Honors Forum Lecture featuring a writer from the Simpsons. My blog, my outboard brain.

Featured Image: A meme made with ImgFlip Meme Generator (try and unravel the licenses of meme images)

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