This post is here mostly as I expect to forget this tidbit. Human memory freshness dwindles exponentially.

Over in my work at the OpenETC I wrote a guide for using the Display Posts plugin.

This most handy plugin lets you take control of where and how to display dynamically a list of posts, rather than just what WordPress or a theme gives you (within category! With/Without excerpt! in reverse order! random posts! random! Custom posts types with a specific taxonomy authored by one person).

These are rendered dynamically where a placeholder is put in the post, aka a WordPress shortcode. These things in brackets [[some_shortcode_that_does_something]] are how one inserts H5P content in, a WordPress Gallery, and much more.

I went a little bonkers in that post, which led to some cussing at the Block Editor, on how to do exactly what I did above- how to I show a shortcode without it doing it’s thing?

I tried using the HTML substitutes for the [ and ] characters, or [ and ]. It works in preview, but when published, WordPress decides to make them brackets, and then.. shortcode replacement occurs.

The same happened for using pre tags in a Custom HTML block and also the Code block.

It was taking me longer to show how to display a shortcode than to write about it. The answer was a Homer SImpson head-slapping DOH found in StackExchange (where most answers live to be google).

Double brackets.

You see, if I enter something between brackets that WordPress does not have a matching shortcode for, it just shows as text:

[no_shortcode_matches_here adjective="nifty"]

So that means if I put a shortcode inside shortcode brackets, it does not match! Hence, I was able to provide an example of a shortcode in my post:

[[display-posts posts_per_page="5" orderby="rand"]]

Pretty trivial, but now I have a bit of data here in my Outboard Brain.

Featured Image: This is how I felt on finding the obvious solution I should have known!

3/52 Weeks of Baxter - Special Delivery
3/52 Weeks of Baxter – Special Delivery flickr photo by Au Kirk shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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  1. I like that solution!

    I can’t recall how I dealt with this in the past but that’s the most pleasant way I’ve seen by far.

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