I have more than a fondness for what was my first (non child theme) custom WordPress theme, WP Dimension, converted from a HTML5up template, ideal for a person’s main domain site, what I like to call a “calling card.”

The front page offers a series of “boxes” you can set up with content overlays for things like your projects, about, web sites, contact info. Each is actually a separate Post, but it feels like you never leave the view. The theme screenshot is 007’s card 😉

Make your own Dimension site with the theme

It’s my card too.

Sometimes you forgot the relicts from the beginning, when I set it up with a hard limit of 8 links for the front page. This was a limitation based on the initial CSS that made more than 8, well ugly. Later I found a more responsive version, but forgot about the 8. I never thought of needing more. A modest cowboy needs only 4.

A new feature in GitHub is having a place for discussions, so people can ask questions in more of a forum style than the awkward issues area. I have been setting them up, and recently on the WP-Dimension space got a first message from a real human.

I recently discovered WP-Dimension Theme and i love it.

However, i saw that the number of front boxes showed on a website is limited to 8, even if more are created.

Is this true for the theme? Is there a way to overpass this issue?


The quick way would be editing the theme template and changing the value in part of the code that does the front page wp-query— no, that is no solutiom.

A more flexible approach I added is a new controller in the Customizer pane (it already has controls for changing the front icon, an opening quote, and custom footer text) to set the maximum number of “front boxes” from 1 to 16 (yes, still an arbitrary max, which could be changed in the future).

For some reason, in the theme I had the customizer sections spread over multiple panels, so I took the opportunity to collect them all into one.

A re-organized Customer interface for WP-Dimension, and a new controller for setting a maximum number of front boxes. The labels are taken from the post title for each content, this screenshot was from a hasty test. The box labels can be edited o be much shorter in each post. See more in the theme documentation.

This is not hugely significant in the scale of problems to solve in the world, but is rather satisfying to be able to quickly add a feature (the code time was about 50% of the blog post writing time) (much of that was creating the silly featured image)(I have a problem!) that I never thought of, based on a question from someone using the theme.

WP-Dimension was made originally to experiment with creating a WordPress theme from an HTML template, but seeing the variety of ways people have adopted it, more than just personal landing pages, makes me feel a tiny bit better about the world. Well.. much better.

Featured Image: Composite of an imgflip meme generator using Oprah Everyone Gets a Car and a screen shot of my local test version of the WP-Dimension demo site… what license can be conjured? I slap it with a creative commons CC BY.

Everyone gets more front boxes… Oprah, do you need a calling card theme? Oh, I thought so….
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