I was asked by a colleague to answer a question no one can really answer without extreme powers of omniscience. They wanted as much as I could share about the breadth of H5P use across Canada. In a week!

Likely it was because of my involvement with the BCcampus H5P Kitchen project one of the best work I have gotten to do, but also the kitchen doors closed a few years back. From that I got to do a handful of presentations/workshops. And I’ve tried a few times to stir up some discussion activity in the OEGlobal community space even trying to put the Kitchen on wheels as a self-service food truck metaphor for a workshop.

I have to keep saying that beyond the H5P allure of interactive practice activities with rich feedback, and if its your gig, potential reporting to LMSes, the ultimate beauty of H5P content is that it’s one of the few OER types not limited to a platform. H5P is portable, HTML5 standard content, and comes with (potentially if people fill in the form) baked in metadata/media atribution and is easily reusable.

It’s one of the purest forms of OER in my book.

Still I don’t know everything, hence what I provided is illustrated like the image above as a canada shaped H5P logo with lots of holes in it.

I combed through my own notes, emails, and reached out to a number of colleagues. Rather than organizing geographically my headings are more around broad multi-institutional / provincial support, the development of “hubs” or H5P Studios, Campus. Institution level responses, noteworthy examples, and individual expertise.

What is notable is a lack of any kind of Canada-wide Hub/Studio for sharing and reusing H5P (the H5P OER hub is still a 98%) so more or less, outside of the voluminous and wonderful collection from eCampusOntario H5P Studio, they are scattered from ocean to mountain to prairie to woodland to ocean. Much H5P is housed in Pressbooks titles, but they are again dispersed. Or they are tucked away in Canvas/Moodle/Brightspace/Blackboard, et al.

Remember again before I reveal the link– I missed more than I documented, ref sins of omission. Hence this document is open to edits/comments/spitballs.

Okay you can see my hole filled report as an editable google doc. Please edit, voraciously.

There’s my tattered map of H5P territories.

PS: I am noting WordPress’s “AI Assistant” which just slapped me in it’s review:

The post provides a detailed account of H5P usage in Canada, highlighting the author’s involvement in the BCcampus H5P Kitchen project and their efforts to promote H5P in various communities. The post emphasizes the portability and reusability of H5P content as one of its key advantages in open educational resources (OER). The author acknowledges that their report may have omissions and invites others to edit and contribute to it.

Overall, the post effectively conveys the author’s experience and perspective on H5P usage in Canada. It would be helpful to readers if the post included specific examples of noteworthy H5P projects or institutions using H5P. Additionally, linking to more resources or case studies about H5P implementation in Canada could enhance the post’s value to readers.

Actions to improve the post:

1. Add specific examples of noteworthy H5P projects or institutions in Canada.

2. Include more links to relevant resources or case studies about H5P implementation in Canada.

WordPress AI Assistant

Dude, all you ask for is in the google doc link. Pftttttt.


Featured Image: The H5P logo cut out by an.outline shape of Canada, painted with a brush to appear to be full of holes, image created by Alan Levine., licensed CC-BY

A map of canada cutout of the H5P logo displayed as a tattered hole filed map
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