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Denver Bound

In a few clicks, I’m off to the airport for Denver heading there for the EDUCAUSE 2004 Conference Extravaganza. With good wireless connectivity, I hope to blog what I can. Tomorrow Brian and I will be rounding up some objects in our pre-conference seminar, “Decentralization of Learning Resources: Syndicating Learning Objects Using RSS, TrackBack, and […]

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How The #Western106 Was … Crumpled?

Like a classic MOOC dropout artist, I’ve fallen so far off of my #western106 horse I can’t even see the dust any more. I had grand hopes of running a DS106 in a genre of Western films/stories. I was doing trailers back in October for a planned online class to teaching at Kansas State University, […]


EDUCAUSE: “Electronic Portfolios in Higher Education: Where Are We and Where Are We Going?”

From the folks at the University of Denver Portfolio Community:

The University of Denver Portfolio Community is a comprehensive electronic portfolio system that supports individual, course, and community portfolios and curriculum assessment. This session will discuss the DUPC’s development and lessons learned during its implementation and compare it to other electronic portfolio systems..

Began work in mid 1990s in school of communication. No commercial products then, so they did a home grown system.

Note to presenters- Nearly all presentations wade through word slides of background info, etc before getting to a rushed and hurried demo. Always start with the demo, give us a visual. grab our attention…. then wade through the bullet points.