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Twenty Ways to Make Better Photographs. None of Them Involve Buying Gear:


Editable google doc of tips by ds106 students

10 Unconventional Tips to Become a Better Photographer

Become a Better Photographer By Asking One Simple Question

Tips from Serena E: “I think my number one photography tip is to move your body instead of the camera whenever you can. Instead of zooming, move closer. Sometimes I intentionally leave behind the zoom lens when I travel. It forces me to get closer to my subjects & interact more.”

Nifty Fifty

This was submitted to the googledoc we assembled last class:
I started chasing your links, and I got so inspired I’m headed out the door with my camera! The links here are to pro tips, and it’s hard to do anything but reiterate my favorites, or least the ones that I am currently working with:
* Constantly search for the odd angle–belly up, rooftop down.* Look for beauty in the quotidian.
* Make photography part of your everyday workout!* When you catch a shot out of the corner of your eye, turn around and go back for it.
* I love assignments such as The Daily Create or the Random Photography Assignment Generator.
* Look at lots of art (photographs, paintings, comics, movies etc.). Figure out what you like about it. Copy what you like.
* I once had the privilege of being on a field trip in Montana with the great Galen Rowell. As we looked out over the National Bison Range teeming with photographic potential, he said, “When you look through the lens, ask yourself, ‘What do I love about this image?’ and then compose the shot with that in mind.

Indeed, a classic! More info on it at Wikipedia  More at Google Books

I bought TEN and it was well worth the $5! It’s free now

5 Reasons Why Shooting With a Rangefinder Will Make You a Better Street Photographer

HDR Tutorial – How to Make Beautiful HDR Photos with Ease!

Photographing Buildings [Composition Tips]

“The most effective, long term strategy that I’ve found to improve my sense of aesthetics has been through what I call “mindful seeing.”

“I mean the act and process of being deliberately thoughtful about what you are seeing. To see what you are looking at.”

“ Mindful seeing is the process of turning off the filters, of seeing your surroundings unfettered and unobstructed.”

“When viewing the world without filtering, even the most boring and banal subjects can become wondrous and interesting. We are constantly surrounded by interesting things that we normally don’t see – textures, lighting, patterns, shapes, objects, groupings, even messages.”

From educator/photographer Tom Haymes:

This presentation is older and works less well without the audio but also has some insights in how my use of equipment has influenced my photographic journey over almost 30 years. Again, I’m happy to supplement it with audio if you like.
I also have a landscape presentation entitled “Listening to the Light” which is pretty new. I haven’t uploaded it because it really requires the narration to make sense and I haven’t had time to record it. (Tom Haymes) The best “as is” presentation is definitely “Every Picture Tells a Story” – which fits quite nicely into the DS106 theme, doesn’t it?

Or the parallel, in terms of equipment, the app name says it all- “The Best Camera is the One in Your Hand” (and the worst one is the one you did not bring because you did not want to carry anything)

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