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I Can’t Handle the Truth

I was trapped in my car all afternoon burning with desire to feed the MacGuffin Alt Movie Syndrome. Seeing Michael Branson Smith’s “A Few Not Son Good Men” it struck my the same scene could be MacGuffin’ed the other way. For me, it better fits my loathing of Tom Cruise. And the community service idea […]

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2011: A Mutual Collaborative

I got MacGuffin fever– it might be this ds106 semester’s animated gif? We all know that collaboration is the way to go, right? We all hold hands, go off to northern canada, and sing tra-la-la-la? 😉 It’s 2011, a ds106 Odyssey! BA….. DA….. DA DA

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A Night Not in the Box

Been thinking of movies to flip the McGuffin on for this week’s hot ds106 assignment, Messing with the McGuffin: Wikipedia defines the MacGuffin as “a plot element that catches the viewers’ attention or drives the plot of a work of fiction.” For this assignment forever change the plot of a movie, tv show, etc. by […]