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Free(ish) Images, Not Open. For 300,000 Bones

It does make a decent news story to announce the offering of a free, as in no cost to taxpayers, database of local photos for a city. https://twitter.com/ResearchBuzz/status/800020936380403713 “Freely Available” is… well ok. As told in the story from Albuquerque TV station KOB4: Stunning images of Albuquerque and surrounding areas aren’t hard to come by, […]

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Free in Free Audiobook Format

So the new book from Chris Anderson (a.k.a Dr Long Tail) entitled Free: The Future of a Radical Price is out in a number of FREE formats- FREE Sricbd eBook and FREE audio file downloads, plus Google Books, and maybe the comic book version is next. Or manga. Or the Numa Numa dance version. All […]