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Put on Your HazMat Suits- Setting Up Metadata For WordPress 3 Custom Content Types

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In the previous posts in this series of using the new WordPress 3 Custom Post Types (I keep calling them custom content types, same thing), I overviewed the plans for the MIDEA web site, we set up the places to create the new content types, and diverged into some set up magic using child themes.

That was the easy stuff. Now I get into the parts I had to more or less invent on my own (well, with some good leg ups from others)- how to add all of the form field elements to my new content types so I could add extra information to them. This are fields for say, my Organization content types, to have a field to enter their web site address, latitude/longitude for doing some mapping, etc.

Now I did this all in custom code, and as hopefully I stated earlier, I have no expectation that this is the way it will be dobe going forward. I foresee a raft of new plugins coming in that will take away this manual code layer, and maybe, when WordPress 3.7 or 4.1 comes out, it might be built in. I have no idea. I did this to show the WP platform can do this.

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Roundabout the WordPress Hackery

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It’s been a while since I did some WordPress hacking, and today I think it showed. Like a good bone I could not let go of a niggling little problem, and then after going around in circles, I found an obvious way that was much more simpler than where I was headed.

But there are things even learned in a few trips around the roundabout.

Here’s where I drove around in circles today… for a while, I have been publishing web versions of the NMC Horizon Reports in CommentPress format at http://wp.nmc.org — this is very useful for publications since it allows comments to be attached to individual paragraphs, so they are tied at a more micro level to the content. (Yeah they are in the old CommentPress mode, I know I should be using the newer digress.it and am ready to publish the new one there this week).

Since Mobiles have been part of the Horizon Reports since like 1776, and there is the nifty WPtouch plugin that elegantly makes WordPress sites display cleanly on not just iPhones, but other mobile platforms (my first play was last year and I have rolled into most of my WordPress sites).