As a lead up to a March 13, 2015 presentation for Open Education Week, Brian Lamb and I decided to create a bit of twitter based performance where we pretended to be disagreeing. Some felt this was “icky”.

This idea was hatched on the ferry ride from Vancouver to Victoria- since we planned to talk about un-necessary dichotomies “open vs closed”, “LMS vs Open Web”, our idea was to be taking polarized positions too.

Note: this was originally published via storify which bit the dust. It was resurrected with some help from the Internet Archive and also by advanced searching of tweets by date. Brian and I planned this “act” as what we thought might be fun, but apparently some colleagues were concerned we were really fighting, it was all play. See more details

Note: Clint’s tweets are deleted, so all I have are screenshots
Clint’s linkL

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Waving Bye to the Canadian Mainland
Waving Bye to the Canadian Mainland flickr photo by cogdogblog shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license