With some help from “Lora” (my psuedonym), we learn how the MLX has added custom, dymamic RSS feeds that directly match a search result.

This is an idea generated by Scott Leslie on the EdTechPost that RSS feeds are generally not permanant because they typically represent new items which eventually can be rolled off the top.

The concept here is that I can now go to a Learning Object collection, conduct a search that proves useful, and add that to my regularly monitored feeds. D’Arcy Norman at CAREO already has their RSS feeds set up this way (such as the one I have on the right to search only on geology) so all he needs to do is to add an XML button on CAREO’s search results.

For my search, I hit the MLX and produced this search [try it]

where the results provide the RSS: [take a look]

This busts the bubble even wide on what we can do with RSS since it goes way beyond simple “what is new” listed at site X, but what is new in “fill-in-my-criteria” making the results much more specific.

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