MT Plugins is very useful collection of addition tools for Movable Type for those that are setting up an MT site, all free. I’ve added two so far and plan to go back for more…

MTRSS Feed by Timothy Appnel is what we have used so MT authors can define one or more RSS feeds to have automatically inserted to their site, such as the two fictional bloggers I have set up:

Lora (Geology Objects) has RSS feeds from at least 4 sources”

Boris (Humanities Objects) has RSS feeds from at least 3 sources:

This is easiest to do if you also incorportate the MTList plugin which allows one to list their desired list of RSS Feeds in an external file, and thus not have to insert them into the template (getting rather tired of the endless MT Rebuild sequences…), e.g.

So with the same code in the template, all one needs to do is to put their list of desired XML feeds into a text file named “lo_feeds.txt” on their MT directory, and edit that as desired.

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