Not to be outdone by Brian (Displaying RSS Feeds in WebCT), I found a niche of time to do the same proof of concept in Blackboard.

Here are some screens of two feeds in one Bb page, one from HUMBUL:

and one from our MLX:

While one could use the same approach (using an external RSS to JavaScript parser, see details), I munged my own PHP parser- just pass it as a param your favorite XML and it returns a JavaScript set of commands that write the content to any web page.

For a rough version of the running parser see this example that does it for our MLX:

Tossing it into a Bb page is a matter of writing the correct JS tag:

<script src=””>&lt/script>

so one one just have to change the value of src= for the desired feed.

Getting fancier involved inserting some CSS. More on that later. It is really crude, but making it pretty would just take a bit more time.


(1) The XML Parser is the OnyxRSS conde from ReadingEd. Be sure to check the docs there.

(2) Because D’Arcy is listening, here is the source to my PHP script.

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