MERLOT: Customs or UPS Ate My Poster

My decision to send my poster materials to the MERLOT conference by “express” shipping looks shaky. Apparently, my “packages” were held at customs for extra taxes, my office authorizied, and who knows where they are right now. C’est la vie.

So for now, my Maricopa Learning eXchange poster is very transparent, or totally virtual. This is no way to run a warehouse ;-)

Certainly not the end of the earth. Anyhow, the hotel is brimming with name tagged persons, people glancing at name tags, the usual conference shmoozing etc. Opening reception is up at the 34th floor, and tomorrow the MERLOT flows. Bring it on. There is meta data in the air.

Keep on scrolling/clicking to see some photos.

Today was an enjoyable visit with D’Arcy to see Brian’s shop at UBC- a gorgeous, sprawling campus with some nice relaxing amenties.

The Koerner Library at UBC, modern, decorated with the abundant green glass that is sprouting up all over downtown Vancouver. Then again, with the mountain views here, I would opt for plenty of glass.

The “Main” Library, where Brian works on the 5th floor. Believe it or not, you enter on the third floor (there is a rats nest of sub levels and weird access to people-less stacks of print materials). It is being prepped for a gutting and facelift, and expansion to a larger example of the Chapman Learning Commons, a comfortable computer use area.

Here three geeks with laptops check in with UBC wireless.

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