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The Phoenix Has Landed at MERLOT

Unlike D’Arcy, my trip to Vancouver, British Columbia, was less than smooth. It rained in Florida, so my flight from Phoenix was late, customs was slow, and the bus stopped at every freaking hotel in downtown. Finally arrived at 2:00 am, cannot h-a-r-d-l-y t-y-p-e (no more than usual).

It is blessedly cool here (They call this hot? their high is 15 degrees lower than the Phoenix low. My pool water temperature there is 90F degrees!).

But the scenery in Vancouver is stellar.

Things will rev up tomorrow for the merlot, MERLOT, MeRlOt, merLOT (that was for Stephen’s MERLOT conference feed, the first of his self-called “hat-trick”- maybe more of a trifecta. Right now the multi-blog aggregator is blitzing Internal Server Error messages (and Stephen is madly debugging??) but it is the most vivid of his triple play posted today.

Meanwhile Brian has gone off the deep-end of RSS infatuation and hopefully will seek counseling soon.

Tomorrow is pre-con stuff, which is free time for me, but in the evening our Maricopa Learning eXchange poster makes its appearance, so look for the first pics here.

Let the blogging flow…

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