MLX New Feature: Public View of My Packages

We just added a new feature to the Maricopa Learning eXchange (MLX)– every person that creates an account in the MLX receives their own unique URL that produces a publicly viewable web page that lists all packages entered by that person.

For example, my packages are one link away:

If you notice, the results also provide an RSS version for the same content (more on that below)

This is presented to each person inside the area they create their packages (the “loading dock”, in a few days I will blog an overview of the dock since those outside Maricopa cannot enter), but here is a screen shot. [View image]

Our thought was this might be of value to faculty, so they could have a single link on their home page to show all they have contributed, or a URL to email to their department chair to let him/her know how much work they had done, etc.

I created a simple demo for this at an MLX presentation yesterday for one of our colleges, taking some libertry with the home page of my colleague and fellow technologist Donna Gaudet.

Starting with Donna’s home page, I mocked up a version that added left side links to “her” collection as well as all the ones submitted by her college (see it in action).

Then I showed a second version of Donna’s home page that had at the bottom (scroll down) the same content but embeded via RSS. Do you get this? With the insertion of one line of JavaScript, an instructor’s home page can have a dynamically updated (by us updating the RSS feed) listing of items that instructor has added to the MLX.

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