Maricopa Learning eXchange poster from MERLOT

For those not lucky enough to attend the MERLOT 2003 conference (any conf in Vancouver is worthy), I just posted the content from our MLX poster session:

Building the Maricopa Learning eXchange (Using a Bit of Competition and Bribery).

How do you cultivate the use and contribution to a learning object repository? We will share some strategies we have used at the Maricopa Community Colleges. The Maricopa Learning eXchange (MLX) is an electronic warehouse of ideas, examples, and resources that support learning at the Maricopa Community Colleges.

We dashed the typical pasting papers on board approach for a metaphor-overload “mini-town” with model buildings (the warehouse), trucks, houses, satellite dishes, etc all with ties to their meaning in the MLX.

I am not sure if people were interested in the MLX or just wanted to play with the toys (one of our sports cars is missing ;-), but we met lots of folks.

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