I am not in too many (or maybe zero) Yahoo Groups (and if so I never have them sent to clutter my email) but this Yahoo Groups RSS URI Generator is ideal for keeping updated on public groups without trudging through the Yahoo site.

This page contains JavaScript that will accept a Yahoo group name and return a URI pointing to it’s RSS file.Yahoo Groups that have made their archive of messages publicly readable can automatically produce an RSS feed. It’s one of the little-known features of Yahoo Groups. It can be a handy way to ‘keep tabs’ on what’s happening in groups that you prefer not to read all the time. There are some groups that if you read them regularly you tend to waste a LOT of time. Using an RSS feed can help you avoid the temptations.

Again- RSS lets me customize the stuff I want rather than some service thinks I want. It is kind of funny that these services are low profile on sites implementing RSS (like Yahoo, Wired, Amazon…) as opposed to us puny bloggers that usually scream out HERE IS MY RSS! THREE KINDS! GET IT! USE IT! A’INT IT COOL?

<tiphat>tip of the blog hat to ResearchBuzz (they have RSS too!)</tiphat>

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Building from the same path we have added RSS to 4 other resource web sites, we just added a feed to Multimedia Authoring Web. Get the feed (RSS 2.0)

“AUTHORING” here refers to “programming by non-programmers.” This site is a resource collection of pointers to Internet sites for those that develop or “author” multimedia.

This has been a site lingering (George recently found it) since about 1995- it began as a static series of web pages with categories of web sites of interest to people who created multimedia (I was doing CD-ROM/Director work then). There were very few websites in general (ass opposed to now), so if one came up, I would cut and paste it in. Web sites were novelties then.

This became one of the first sites we converted into a searchable directory (using some archaic unix tools, a predecessor to WebGlimpse that still work 8 years later) with an admin tool for checking, editing submitted items.

Short story- time to implement RSS into this existing site: 45 minutes.

The post "New RSS: Multimedia Authoring" was originally scraped from the bottom of the pickel barrel at CogDogBlog (http://cogdogblog.com/2003/08/new-rss/) on August 14, 2003.

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