A very well written introduction to RSS: RSS – A Primer for Publishers and Content Providers (I cannot locate quickly what the “EEVL” acronym stands for but it is a UK resource for engineers).

I like the plain language yet the forways into some of the details of producing RSS.

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This document is aimed at publishers and content providers with the intention of introducing & explaining the concepts behind RSS and addressing some commonly expressed concerns. It is primarily intended for a non-technical audience who require an overview of RSS in order to allow them to make decisions regarding the possible use of the technology. However, the guidelines do provide recommendations for good practice, case studies on RSS production and links to tools and specifications which will provide useful starting points for those tasked with actually producing RSS feeds.

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  1. Ummm, I am well aware of what RSS does, having being using it for sometime now- this is passing of a reference to others that do not.

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