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The Fuss About RSS wiki has moved

The wiki for TheFuss has moved to a new, more nicely presented location (thanks to CSS and Brian!).

TheFuss wiki is a growing resource about RSS, learning objects, etc that myself, Brian Lamb, and D’Arcy Norman presented July 11, 2003 for the LOVCOP teleconference
(LOVCOP=Learning Objects Virtual Community of Practice).

I know each of us (and others) have been contributed to this wiki. Like others, I had a hard time getting my brain wrapped around wikis until I used one- it was the most effective tool I have ever used to do a group collaboration on a web-based resource site, and I return now and then to post a new RSS reference or tool.

So step up and join theFuss- after all, no one, or three really has all the resources bottled up, that is what wikis can do, harness the collective brain power of those on the web (hopefully spammers will stay in the dark).

So hurry now and click over to

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