Sometimes you can click yourselves into the most fun, obscure, un-googled parts of the web, such as Rune Johansen’s portfolio. Pure serendipitous fun.

Okay, the music grates, but the pictures I gather are pictures of the home life of people in the far flung parts of Norway. There are great detailed shots of objetcs (they have some ornate pot holders), people posing in their favorite rooms… my favorite is the round headed guy frames by a triangular shaped peak behind his head and the bright pastel house against the pale sky.

And the guy in the blue socks, with his antlers on. And the Gene Simmons poster. And…

By way of anders by way of jill by way of my NetNewsWire….

The post "Those Wild Wacky Norwegians" was originally squeezed out of the bottom of an old rusted tube of toothpaste at CogDogBlog ( on October 17, 2003.

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