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“Learning Grants” Presentation

Finally. This is the last of four conference presentations assembled this month, the dog and pony show marathon is almost done. Supporting Faculty Innovation with Maricopa Learning Grant$ is a second presentation I am involved in at the League for Innovation Conference on Information Technology in Milwaukee.

Wow this one was finished with almost 36 hours to spare, almost a record!

This one is an overview of the internal grants program my office manages, the Maricopa Learning Grants, which is currently in its 5th year, or according to the conference blurb:

The Maricopa Center for Learning & Instruction (MCLI) coordinates an internal grants program that awards over $180,000 each year to improve, advance, and enrich student learning at the ten Maricopa Community Colleges. Learn about the variety of grant projects and their outcomes, and how the process is supported. This session will describe the program and its impact and will demonstrate the online (paperless) application and review process.

Like a previously mentioned MLX presentation, for this one I again was able to use Macromedia Breeze to unbelievably quickly assemble some quick (though not professionally narrated_ audio slide shows that provide an inside look at our online grant application and some of the admin screens we use on the system.

We are rather proud of the 100% online system we have created for both the faculty grant applicants and the ones who use the online peer review tools. We heard much feedback on how easy and friendly the system was, and we had virtually no complaints or issues on usability, etc.

The only problem is now they want similar systems for two other application programs….

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