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Well here I am in Milwaukee, for the 4-day
2003 Conference on Information Technology Presented by the League for Innovation— this is te big daddy conference on technology on community colleges. You can count on about 30 simultaneous sessions, enough to make you dizzy, and interaction with a few thousand other community college types.

I will try and do some conference blogging- it can become quite a chore to take on. I’ll be eyeballing others here from the blog circuit, I know that Randy is here and we will meet up Monday.

The Hilton Milwaukee has some of that big, old, hotel class. I was excited to hear they have internet and wireless in the rooms, although apparently they stuck me on the wrong side of the building for wireless (although I asked). The wired is a nice option for highspeed until GASP! It is $9.95 per day. Crikie! hotels nickle, dime, and twenty dollar you left and right. No thanks, I can live off of my 48 kbps Earthlink dial-up (only a 95 cent hotel slpa on charge), and suck the conference wi-fi.

This makes me respect the Vancouver, British Columbia airport, where wireless was open and free- have yet to see that in any You Ess of Ayyy airport. It would be idealistic to think of society taking on the provision of an enabling technological utility, but wh do that when there is a buck to be made? Grrrrrrr.

Time to get a dognap. Tomorrow is day 1 of 2 for presentations.

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