Recently Brian Lamb and Jim Sibley conducted a Canadian Blogshop at the University of British Columbia, and plentifully acknowledged the materials in our BlogShop from down here in the far south Canadian hinterland province of Arizona ;-)

Actually the UBC version takes it a notch further by posting the workshop materials in a wiki. I liked their idea of creating a BlogLines account with RSS feeds from the workshop and it’s participants’ play-blogs.

However, I must admit being a bit scared at the look of Jean the Blogging Grad Student.

In addition to this work, other recent blogshop-type activities include:
* ETUG BlogTalk
* Nick Olejniczak’s A Course About Weblogs (syllabus done as a wiki).

If there are more, please let me know.

The more the merrier, and I say in developing your local blog introduction eforts… beg, borrow, and steal as much as possible from other efforts.

Update (a few hours later) See also Ginger’s Blogs in Education “This page is designed to provide you some resources if you want to get started using blogs for yourself or with your students. The use of blogs in instructional settings is limited only by your imagination.” It is worth checking out if only for the graphic of “The Blog”

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