3 LO Searches for 1 Query: Merlot’s Federated Search

Zoom-zoom. More power for those looking for learning objects or instructional resources. MERLOT’s Federated Search allows you to enter keywords (say “cell mitosis”) and with one click conduct a search of MERLOT, Australia’s )EdNA Online, and the Science Math resources of SMETE. Actually the EdNA folks had demo-ed this first at the MERLOT 2003 conference last August.

That is a lot of search power for you. Now if only the search results were savable as a URL… or federated RSS… or free wine…

<tiphat>tip of the blog hat to Brian Lamb for mentioning this recently</tiphat>

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  1. It would be interesting (to me at least) to find out how they decide on the comparative relevancies of results from different catalogs. I liked the fact that the default result seemed to be by relevance across catalogs, but couldn’t puzzle out (nor did there seem to be any material supporting) why any result was higher than the other.

  2. I cannot recall what they said during the MERLOT presentation, but would guess the ranking is pretty simple such as occurrence count of keywords…

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