Mark Lays out the sobering truth on blog-spam

spamroach.jpgThe euphoria of stomping out blog spam cockroaches may be short-lived. Mark Pilgrim lays out the depressing, sobering truth on weblog spam [dive into mark]. Mark sez the good times will last last than a month…

And then the spammers will strike back. They’ll complain to your ISP that you’re spamming, and your ISP will kick you off without so much as a by-your-leave. They’ll hire lawyers and bring you down with bogus DMCA injunctions. They’ll own a million Windows boxes and direct them all at your server. They’ll find your social security number and steal your identify and ruin you personally.

It’s all been done. It’s all been done before, and it was completely all-consuming, and it still didn’t work. Spammers register dozens of new domains each day; you can’t possibly keep up with them. They’re bigger and smarter and faster than you. It’s an arms race, and you’ll lose, and along the way there will be casualties, massive casualties as innocent bystanders start getting blacklisted. (You do have a process for people to object to their inclusion, right? Yeah, except the spammers will abuse that too.)

Sigh. Damn. Sigh.

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