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Look What the Referer Dragged In

Now that I have an analysis tool for my server, I am digging up all kinds of neat findings.

From the referer logs (links from outside to specific web pages on my site), came one from MGMT110 Class Projects / blogs At Earlham College, in Indiana.

This site is in an “Information Technology and Society” course lists the group projects and individual student webllogs. It appears the students had to create web sites based on current issues ranging from “SPAM”, “Pirivacy”, “Digital Music”, etc. This project page uses our RSS2JS script to dyanmically display the 2 latest posts to each project group (well that makes 8 hits on that script per page load). Interesting that in this class, each student creates their own MovableType blog and then serves up the project pages from within there– the blogs are used to document the development of different phases of the project.

The RSS feeds from the project blogs would allow the class instructor (or anyone interested) to check up on the groups as a whoile, rather than visiting each project site individually (this is another case where a public BlogLines account works wonders too).

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