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RSS Feeding- keep those hits coming

I was thinking about David Carter-Tod’s recent note on how his RSS parsing script service was getting heavy hits, you success and all of its burdens.

I began getting curious on how often our RSS2JS script was being used (and I know that the page needs some re-design and chunking), since it runs on the same server as our MovableType blogs. A few weeks back I had flushed the cache directory (long story) and found remnants of several hundred feeds.

But I has overdue on installing a web access log analyzer (that is the log from the web server a “web log”, not a “webblog”, confusing?) A colleague had recently showed me the amazing (and free) open source AWstats and with not too much trouble got it up and running. It is a slick system and provides enough stats and graphs to keep you busy for a long while.

Well, hello, our rss2js.php script, in the 5 days of log actiovity analyzed, had almost 20,000 hits, or 4000 accesses per day. Whew!

The best part is I can now use the refered details to actually see the external sites that are feeding from us.

Unlike David, at this point, the server is not suffering.

And all of this will change when this “jade” server moves to a new home on a brand new XServe which will land in my hands next week (hopefully).

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  1. I’m looking to find out what I need to change in the onyx-rss file to have my rss2js feeds feed from a cache file that updates every 15 minutes.

    I tried going to the ReadingEd site, but it seems to be gone.

    Can anyone help me?



  2. The default time is 3 hours. You can over-ride this by adding a third paramater in the line on the php2js.php script that reads:

    // set cache based on XML file / path name

    $rss->parse($xml_src, “$xfile.cache”);

    to read:

    // set cache based on XML file / path name

    $rss->parse($xml_src, “$xfile.cache”, cache_time);

    where “cache_time” is the refresh time expressed in minutes, or in your case:

    // set cache based on XML file / path name

    $rss->parse($xml_src, “$xfile.cache”, 15);

    Yes, the ReadingEd site is gone- I have been trying to track down the Ed that wrote this code.

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