Spam Roaches Could Not Find it Here

spamroach.jpgMore detective work with analysis of web server logs with AWstats shows that poor spammers are unable to find their links on my web site. Alas! What is a roach to do!

Does that mean that they will target me next? No luck, as they are blocked at the door by the MTBlacklist army boot. Does this mean that they are looking for the fruits of their spam roach labor? Too bad, no signs here…

The keyword search screen in AWstats shows the key words people use to link to your site… and look what some poor soul was looking for:


Sorry Mr Roachy, but you have been unable to locate that specific web site to enlarge that particular portion of your exoskeleton.

Now we might be optimistic if they were searching for “integrity”, “virtue”, “respect” implants, but no such luck.

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