spamroach.jpg Grrrrrrr, you’d think perhaps on freakin’ mother’s day, the spam roaches might be doing something, but they obviously have no birth mothers, hatched in the sewers form when they came. 6 blog spams related to a topic I will not even defile this dog house with, all sent to a single post in span of less than 50 seconds. All from an IP traced to a black hole of anonomyzers inside China.

I am starting to look seriously at more drastic solutions, one of which might be either as severe as no comments or comments require approval.. and believe me, I have lots of technical things I’d rather be working on taher than cleaning up roach feces.


The post "Now The Dog is Getting Pissed at Spammers" was originally pulled charred and crispy from a smoky charred oven at CogDogBlog ( on May 9, 2004.

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  • Spam Nastiness

    Blog spam has become much nastier, hasn’t it? What’s a well meaning blogger to do? (replying to to CogDogBlog) I removed the the display of url links from my blog comments. That prevents the spammers getting any benefit from leaving…