Gifts for the (not so fine) folks at Cykanax

spamroach.jpg Woah, I lifted a rock on post about the pachyderm project from last month, and 6 spam roaches came scurrrying out. It seems the thoughtful folks at Cykan*ax were so impressed with the educational possibilities of Pachyderm that they wanted to share their “fantasies”, “group activities”, and other things about beasts, though they seemed to not be associated with elephants.

Seriously, after weeks of comment blog spam quiet comes 6 in one swoop, to the same post, and from different IPs. I just closed the post completely to comments. It was a no-brainer to drop the steel toed boot on the buggers with the alert from MT-Blacklist plugin, and now that their domain has been submitted to the Master MT blacklist, the cykan*ax domain will soon be shipped to thousands of other MT blogs, rendering roaches dead on contact.


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