Tired: Doing a google on your own name.

Wired: Reading a Googlism on your own name.

Expired: Looking up your name in a phone book.

What is Googlism? The best why to find out is to explore, but more or less, it uses the “collective” wisdom of the Google API to extract a list of statements found about a given name. (Tip of the blog hat to Bryan Bell). It is meaningless, strange, not of any identified use… but fascinating.

Among my own bizarre namesakes:

alan levine is a recognized leader in marketing

alan levine is a business manager at law engineering and environmental services

alan levine is chair

alan levine is the director of marketing

alan levine is director

alan levine is a balding man in his late forties dresses quite well and has a new rolex watch on his wrist

alan levine is struggling to say something positive about his city

alan levine is de drijvende kracht achter computer

Hey that Rolex is used!

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