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Dave’s Definitive RSS Abbreviation

The URL declares what RSS stands for? peeked open just recently, Dave Winer’s effort (I llike the initial tone) to have a place to talk more about what RSS can do rather than what it stands for or the intracacies of XML.

The revolution of RSS is what people are doing with it, what it enables, the way it works for people who use technology, the freedom it offers, and the way it makes timely information, that used to be expensive and for the select-few so inexpensive and broadly available.

RSS is the next thing in Internet and knowledge management. It’s big. A lot bigger than a format.

This is the inaugural post for a new website devoted to the community of people who create and use RSS. It’s just a beginning.


But wait.

Yikes, but look at the banner and tagline:

Really Simple Syndication
Everything a non-tech user needs to know about RSS 2.0.

If it is not just about the format, why is it “needs to know about RSS 2.0?” Should non techies avoid 0.91? 1.0? Atom? RFC_X677x.300? Just when you though it was steering away from the formats, it veers right back.

I might be quibbling, but it is not just about 2.0.

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