Feedster is offering a new search tool to help you find content that comes from weblogs, a handy way to scope your web searches.

For the uninitiated, Feedster provides a google-like interface for searching things found in RSS feeds. It offers tools to store your own set of feeds (like another flavor of Bloglines as a web based RSS reader), services to get updates by email, and likely quite a bit more (it has been a while since I rummaged around Feedster).

Some quick and not so dirty examples of Feedster Blog search results (you gotta love being able to save these as URLs):

Learning Object
Social Computing

Probably a little used gem of note that Feedster search results are themselves available as an RSS feed, e.g.:

Learning Objects Feedster Search RSS

a tip of the bloghat to the RSS feed from ResearchBuzz for the link.

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