MT Upgrade Dance (2.6 to 3.1) Steps… Advice?

Appearances, aside, I copy others quite often… and reading Scott’s note on successful migration from MovableTYpe 2.x to 3.1, I am pondering dragging the CogDog up a notch.

I’d resisted for a while because (a) The blog is doing fine as as; and (b) I have about 12 MT blogs on 3 different servers and a pile of authors, so I was unwilling to shell out $$.

But Scott’s post got me thinking about just upgrading my own site (hee hee selfish dog). I am trying to sort out the best strategy to migrate my one MT blog without messing up what works and the other 11. Does anyone have any thoughts? Right now, I would be considering making a clone of my site, cloning the database, and then migrating just that part. I may have to weed out the other blogs, or just make a copy of everything and then delete the unwanted blogs.


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