Take the Spam Filtering Survey

I am not sure what he is doing with the results, but it looks like John Graham-Cumming is collecting data on people’s attitudes and annoyances with e-mail spam– check out the Spam Filtering Survey:

This survey will lead you through a number of pages asking about you, your attitude towards spam and spam filtering, your experience with spam filters and ends with a short exercise where you act as a human spam filter.  

The exercise was kind of fun (and very familiar)– you are provided some information and a simulated inbox where you make decisions on which mail to keep or not based on sender, subject, and the little bit of info you know about the persona.

The irony was the first few screens where there were 3-5 messages to deal with, and the later screens where there were 50 to skim through.

I look forward to hearing of John’s results.

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