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No Photoshop At All
No Photoshop At All
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This looks like something one does by compositing and feather-edging layers in PhotoShop, but I can vouch that this is an un-retouched photo. The view is looking in the window of the Strawberry Schoolhouse (the oldest standing school house in Arizona!), and I thought the light shining in both windows as well as the reflection on the right might be interesting. I am the blob in the middle. I love shots like this where you sense that there might be something special (often not).

One aspect of traditional film photograpy is the process of visualizing the image in your mind, and the delayed gratification (or disgust) when you finally see the print– there is something magical in that lag time between seeing it in your mind and then in your hand.

On the other hand, I have not plopped a roll of film in a camera for more than 4 years, and going digital means often taking lots of photos. I tried to stress this in my workshops, that you ought to exploit digital cameras by taking lots of pictures, and looking for interesting angles, reflections, altering viewpoints etc. There is no reason not to,

I had a bit of that film experience since I just snapped this shot when we parked near the Strawberry Schoolhouse for a walk we took last week. I love the shots one can get of the one room school house against a deep blue polarized sky, but in this case, something about the light coming on the opposite window caught me eye, as well as the reflection. but I pretty much snapped it and forgot about it.

What a cool surprise when the camera caught me in the middle of the interior (left) and the refected exterior- my first thought was – did I layer this in PhotoShop? Nope, it was all camera, some interesting light, and a whole lotta luck.

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