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I Can Snow If I Want To
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The thermometer is pegging 35+ degrees, but snow is falling in nice big clumps this morning at our cabin in Strawberry. A big wet storm is sitting on top of Arizona, the second in a week (I am convinced somehow our weather delivery service has mixed up the shipments for Seattle and Phoenix, sorry if there is excessive sunshine up there). The paid professional liars we call “weather forecasters” had predicted only rain up here, with snow levels “above 7000 feet”, and we sit at 5900 and change.

I am pleased by the continued lack of accuracy ;-) Falling snow instantly transports me to that place of kid-like excitement.

Ah, the weekend is off to a wonderful wintery start, snow is falling, the wood fireplace is pushing out heat… life is good.

The post "I Can Snow If I Want To" was originally rescued from the bottom of a stangant pond at CogDogBlog ( on February 19, 2005.

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